18th July 2016
poppy & sharne2

Old friends reunited…

Old friends reunited… Its been a bit quiet on my blog and I thought I would share the reason why….My best friend sadly had to say goodbye to one of her horses, who has been the companion to her other horse Sharne for the past few years My horse Poppy and my friends horse Sharne were originally stabled and grazed together when we first got them, many years ago. We purchased them a week apart and they spent their first few years together. In time we both needed different things from yards and we moved separately and it has been about […]
12th July 2016
lilly engraved photo

Big Red working

Big Red working So….A couple of days ago, I shared a few videos of Big Red working. One cutting ply, one vector engraving (different to normal engraving) and one cutting paper. Within that short amount of time, one of the videos has already been viewed nearly 5000 times! And has reached over 9600 people!! It’s apparent, people are interested, intrigued and mesmerised by the laser working. I see it working regularly and it still fascinates me too! So for those of you who may not of seen it, here are a link to the videos. Cutting 3mm ply Laser cutting […]
8th July 2016
silver&white box card

Sneak Peek…..

Sneak Peek….. I’ve been commissioned to do a very important batch of cards for someone, I will share a tutorial and photos once they are complete. Here is just a very small sneak peek.   I hope you will pop back again soon for my next post, please feel free to sign up for the newsletter using the box in the side bar or by entering your email address below, that way you won’t miss out on any hints, tips or Freebies too Sam x To keep up to date with the blog and for exclusive offers and discounts why not Sign […]
6th July 2016
bust up packaging

#Bad courier!!

#Bad courier!! I think the courier for my packaging may of been testing how good the packaging was??? This was the state of just one of the boxes xx
4th July 2016
pile of apples

A pile of apples

A pile of apples   Anyone would think we have apple trees ;p Lots of lovely apples going to their new homes, ready for giving out at the end of term time, these have just got to be finished off and then they are away. xx
3rd July 2016

Krav Maga Training knives

Krav Maga Training knives  My poor hubby has been waiting a loooong time for these (a surprise for his friends)… I’ve been so busy, they keep getting put to one side, but I wanted to see how big red was at engraving anodised metal and I thought I owed hubby big time after he took the day off to help the engineer get big red unloaded, in place and up and running They are are training knives (hence the rounded tips), for use in Krav Maga, for when practising defending knife attacks. This was them finished, with the individuals names […]
1st July 2016
6090 laser big red aztec engraving 1

A bit longer than expected……..

A bit longer than expected…….. Phew its been a bit longer than expected since my last post, but big red has been keeping me busy Lilly (our 4 year old) has also had lots going on at playschool, including sports day and a couple of intake days at her new school!  I can’t believe she starts big girl school in September! Although it does mean mummy may not have to work so many 3am nights 😉 I haven’t really got much to share with you at the moment, but if you are a regular to my Facebook page you will […]
26th June 2016
wooden hearts on wedding table 1

Rustic Weddings

Rustic Weddings I love when a customer shares with me, what they have made or used a product for, or if its a gift, what their recipients said and the emotions involved. Its part of what makes working all the long and late hours so worth while! This is one of those shares and I’d like to share it with you (with the customers permission), of a beautiful wedding display! A customer purchased lots of the delicate wooden hearts and this is what they were for! To sprinkle all over her daughters wedding tables.   What stunning displays and I’m in […]