23rd June 2016
mica sprays

Sparkly Sprays

Sparkly sprays Oooo these lovelies turned up in with deliveries this week  Any ideas of fun things to do with them? I wonder how they will take to wood! Sam x To keep up to date with the blog and for exclusive offers and discounts why not Sign up for the newsletter?
22nd June 2016
6090 laser big red

Something big & red is on its way…And no, its not Santa!

Something big & red is on its way…And no, its not Santa! Eeeeekkkk Eeeeeekkkk! Yes that’s all my husband has been hearing for the last week or so! Thankfully I’ve been so busy, I’ve barely had time to think about it, as every time I do I’m ready to burst lol As many of you will know, I have a laser cutter/engraver (amongst various other bits of machinery hehe). Well lets just say it can be quite temperamental, I love it and its worked hard, but boy there have been a lot of moments I’ve wanted to take a hammer […]
20th June 2016
hand fuse

Hows the Weather?

Hows the Weather? Hi Everyone, I hope everyone is keeping OK? How’s the weather in your part of the world/country? I can’t keep up with whether its raining or being sunny lol (South-East England). Sorry I’ve not been about much recently, super busy behind the scenes (thank you all for your lovely orders) and a few bits in the pipeline, I’ve got some happy, excited news to share and as soon as I get a chance to write a proper post, I’ll share it It might not be that exciting to anyone else though hehe xx  I hope you will […]
14th June 2016

Sadness affects us all….

Sadness affects us all…. Its a sad time when we lose loved ones and can be especially difficult for our little ones to understand.   I’m still humbled and honoured when customers ask me to make something for them, when they are in this kind of situation.   In this case it was a treasure chest for a very special little boy who lost his great nanny recently and I am so glad the customer was over the moon with her order.   This is a link to the Facebook post: CLICK HERE   (shared with the customers permission) I hope […]
12th June 2016
calssic car card frnt stnd

Classic cars for Dad

Classic Cars for Dad…. Sadly my dad is no longer with us and so I am unable to celebrate father’s day with him, but when i first created this card he was 100% on my mind. He loved his cars both modern and classic and his enthusiasm, is what first got me interested as a young girl. He took great pride in his cars and many an hour was spent ‘tinkering’. This design is – Available HERE but for those Dad’s that aren’t car lovers there are plenty of other designs HERE Whats your Dad’s favourite  past time / hobby? I hope […]
6th June 2016
holiday view from villa

Villa with a view

Villa with a view You may of seen the notice on the website stating orders wouldn’t be processed until today, that was because we went on our first holiday in a long time! We returned Saturday and had a fabulous time, lots of bar-b-q’s, lots of swimming, amazing villa and great family. Here is a glympse at the fabulous view we had all week (taken from the second floor balcony, there were 3 floors! It was a huge villa!) This was our garden/pool area and look at that sea view! However I can’t wait to get creating again (after fulfilling the […]
4th June 2016

From weddings to engagements

From weddings to engagements Following on from my last post about stick people getting married, here is a share of a recent make for an engagement. The colours of the heads aren’t the normal colours, but that is the joy of personalising orders, the customer can have any colour or theme heads they would like, sometimes the heads represent favourite characters, sometimes favourite colours and sometimes they are too match someone’s room. The great thing is, it can be any colour The ‘she said yes’ frames are just as popular as the ‘engaged’ frames. Engaged frames – Available HERE I […]
2nd June 2016

A wedding with a difference!

A wedding with a difference! I have many versions of the stick people with 3D head frames. Engagements, weddings, new babies, new homes and of course full families. Each of the designs can be altered to represent certain people or certain events and my latest wedding frame was no different. The groom character is suited, but without his hat and the bride without veil, has a shorter wedding dress and is sporting cowboy boots. I still love all the variations I get to create of these stick people frames and I love the fact that they are always received so […]