4th June 2016

From weddings to engagements

From weddings to engagements Following on from my last post about stick people getting married, here is a share of a recent make for an engagement. The colours of the heads aren’t the normal colours, but that is the joy of personalising orders, the customer can have any colour or theme heads they would like, sometimes the heads represent favourite characters, sometimes favourite colours and sometimes they are too match someone’s room. The great thing is, it can be any colour The ‘she said yes’ frames are just as popular as the ‘engaged’ frames. Engaged frames – Available HERE I […]
2nd June 2016

A wedding with a difference!

A wedding with a difference! I have many versions of the stick people with 3D head frames. Engagements, weddings, new babies, new homes and of course full families. Each of the designs can be altered to represent certain people or certain events and my latest wedding frame was no different. The groom character is suited, but without his hat and the bride without veil, has a shorter wedding dress and is sporting cowboy boots. I still love all the variations I get to create of these stick people frames and I love the fact that they are always received so […]
31st May 2016
birthday chopping board

What year were you established?

What year were you established? My ‘Est’ (established) chopping boards, first made an appearance as wedding items, with the date denoting the marriage year. They have also been popular as Father’s Day chopping boards, denoting the day someone became a father or just the year they were born. And now they are being lovingly used as birthday gifts, denoting someone’s year of birth. They engrave beautifully, with a great contrast between colours.  I hope you will pop back again soon for my next post, please feel free to sign up for the newsletter using the box in the side bar or […]
29th May 2016

A few cards

A few cards Things have been a bit hectic recently, so I don’t have too much to share today. But here are a couple of recent card orders, ‘The Twits’ and the ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’ cards are still very popular and I see lots of variations of the Twits, including lots of wedding cards. Cards: The Twits birthday – Available HERE The Twits wedding – Available HERE Charlie and the chocolate factory – Available HERE Cute animals 1st birthday – Available HERE   I hope you will pop back again soon for my next post, please feel free to sign […]
27th May 2016
Starwars Jedi high council card

Can you spot the odd Jedi out!

On occasion I still remember to make friends and family cards and this was one of those occasions. It was recently my husbands, long time friends’ birthday and he happens to be a Starwars fan like my hubby. So it just had to be a Starwars card that I made for him. I managed to pull a photo of him from Facebook, but it was quite blurry when it was enlarged! So my original plan to have his head on a Jedi body that pretty much took up the front of the card, was a no no, I had to […]
25th May 2016

More keyrings…..

More keyrings…. Happy hump day I shared the start of my 200 key ring order at the start of the week and these were the other shape (100 hearts & 100 rectangles). These aren’t all of them of course! I hope the customer has a fantastic birthday party, I understand the keyrings are little gifts for her party guests The party theme is Jamaica, hence the Jamaican flag themed keyrings that were requested Keyrings – Available HERE I hope you will pop back again soon for my next post, please feel free to sign up for the newsletter using the box in […]
23rd May 2016

Only 100 more to go!

Good morning all, What a start to the week! My first job of the morning is an order for 200 key rings! 100 in hearts, 100 in rectangles. 100 down, 100 to go I love that they all have their own individual little bags too. Have a great day, Sam x To keep up to date with the blog and for exclusive offers and discounts why not Sign up for the newsletter?
22nd May 2016
Roald Dahl mr&mrs card proof

Mr & Mrs Twit get married!

Mr & Mrs Twit get married….. Happy Sunday everyone, I hope you are all having a wonderful day. There seems to be quite a few ‘story book’ themed weddings this year and that means I’ve had a quite a few requests to alter my ‘The Twits’ card, for wedding couples. Until today though I hadn’t added it to the website, but it is now added – And is available HERE But I wanted to take a moment to share it on my blog and to also remind everyone that all of my cards are my designs and so can be altered […]