22nd January 2017
stefaniecarvey scene silho

Sunday Share – Stefanie Carvey

Sunday Share – Stefanie Carvey Eeeeek what with being super busy over Christmas and then having to play a massive catch up with paperwork, ready for the tax deadline, I really slacked in showing some fab customer makes from the Christmas goodies! However they are too beautiful not to share, so I will be having a series of Sunday Shares and over the next few weeks, you will get to see some of the amazing customer makes (even if some are a little out of season now hehe) Stefanie was very busy and painted up a few of our products, I […]
20th January 2017
blood drip stencil sea scene

Playing with stencils – Seaweed

Playing with stencils – Seaweed As mentioned yesterday, I also noticed that the dripping blood stencil could double as great seaweed and make a fab underwater scene, in fact I love the underwater scene created with this stencil I could cut a proper seaweed/sea bed stencil (which I may still do), but its always great to have a stencil that can be used for more than one purpose (and you certainly couldn’t use a proper sea bed one as dripping blood!) I wonder if this stencil could be used for any other scenes or things too? These backgrounds were only […]
19th January 2017
blood drips tinselr red embossing

Playing with stencils – Dripping Blood effect and Woodgrain!

Playing with stencils – Dripping Blood effect and Woodgrain! Good morning all, As mentioned yesterday, I said i would share my stencil experiments today First is wood grain, this is quite a big stencil, I think the effect was OK (although it looks more like a zebra!) but its not quite as i wanted! Added to that the stencil is very flimsy feeling, due to so many large cut out areas. So unfortunately although I will keep this one, the design will go on the ‘bin it’ pile and these won’t be created to sell. The next stencil is meant […]
18th January 2017
cloud mask finish

Playing with Masks – Mountains and skies!

Playing with Masks – Mountains and skies! Its a chilly but bright lunchtime here, how is it in your part of the world?  For quite some time now, its been on my to do list, to make some stencils & Masks (and I mean proper flexi-plastic ones, not the paper/card ones I’ve made in the past, that can’t be used for wet application and can have a short lifespan!) And last night i finally found a tiny bit of time to do so! They need a few alterations to make them perfect (like being a bit longer or deeper bottoms etc) […]
17th January 2017
coloured feathers

Tuesday’s Tip! – Colouring Feathers

Tuesday’s Tip! – Colouring Feathers I need to get more organised in sharing things with all you lovelies out there. I take lots (and i mean lots!!) of photos throughout my working day, yet I never seem to find the time to add the photos to posts with a bit of information. I’m hoping 2017 is going to be the start of a more active/sharing new year for me and I will make a conscious effort to get more behind the scenes things shared You never know you may even find some of them interesting or helpful! I’ve decided to […]
15th January 2017
purple letters

Cadburys purple and not a chocolate in sight!

Cadburys purple and not a chocolate in sight! Loving this scrummy purple for some ordered letters 💕 Sam x To keep up to date with the blog and for exclusive offers and discounts why not Sign up for the newsletter?
12th January 2017
twits personalised birthday card

Love is in the air…..

Love is in the air…..   Well, i’m chasing my tail again lol. I was behind for Christmas after having to wait to get the new laser (Big Red) delivered in the summer and so after a mad panic and rush for Christmas, I had no chance to get any Valentines bits done! So although a bit late, I’ve finally managed to design a few Valentine cards, all very different.    I’ve been sure to include some regular characters – The BFG and The Twits and some cute cards, a card for bird lovers and a card for those who adore piggies! […]
11th January 2017

House of Targaryen Plaque and coasters

House of Targaryen Plaque and coasters After creating these for a special someone before Christmas, I couldn’t help but get back into Game of Thrones!! I originally started watching when it first started and due to time constraints, got no further than the first couple of episodes of season 2!! Wow I’m behind lol, I didn’t realise there were so many seasons now! It didn’t take long to get Re-hooked lol No spoilers please 😘 I’m only halfway through season 3. Who else is a Game of Thrones addictee? xx I hope you will pop back again soon for my […]