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9th November 2015
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9th November 2015
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Make your own Personalised Fathers / Mothers Day or birthday present – Keyring Kit (1pc) Blank also available


Keyring Kit


Personalised make your own Valentines or Fathers Day or birthday present – Keyring Kit

Dad/Daddy gift – Perfect for the kids to make themselves

Want to make one for someone else? Order the ‘Blank’ kit and your four inserts will be blank rather than having Dad or Daddy printed on them.

The Dad/Daddy kit has 4 inserts (2 of each) Other than the word Dad or Daddy in the corner they are blank, ready for decoration.

Want something special to give dad that’s from the kids this Valentines or Father’s day or Birthday? Look no further. It’s great getting a gift for the man in your little ones life, personalised with their names etc, but how special would it be if they’ve created that gift themselves? A real little piece of your adorable little ones, to carry around with them all day.

Included in these keyring kits are the following:

1 double sided keyring

4 Keyring inserts – 2 pre-printed with the word ‘Dad’ – 2 pre-printed with the word ‘Daddy’

2 Coloured pens – Colours will vary in each pack – You can of course use these afterwards for colouring etc and you can of course use other pens/pencils when designing the keyring insert.

If you have 2 children, you can purchase them a kit each or how about getting one child to decorate one side and the other to decorate the other side?

Don’t limit it to just the kids….Want to give YOUR Dad something a bit different, write him a little note or draw him a funny picture or even leave him a kiss to carry around (Lipstick required hehe).

The drawn/coloured keyring’s in the photos are just for illustration purposes only.

Give Dad something a bit special and that’s personalised by their children this Valentines or Fathers Day.

Let the kids draw or write on the inserts, choose from ‘Dad’ or ‘Daddy’ inserts – Then place them into the keyring and pop on the back cover and that’s it…Simple and fun :)

1 Keyring per pack

Want to make one for someone else? Order a ‘Blank’ kit and your four inserts will be blank rather than having Dad or Daddy printed on them. How about letting the kids make one for their favourite teacher or teaching assistant?

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