18th April 2017
bunny project decoupage pic

Cat sewing project- Neck pillow – Diy project tutorial

Cat sewing project- Neck pillow – Diy project tutorial Here’s your chance to create this adorable neck rest in the shape of a sleeping cat. Black yarn is used for embroidering the eyes onto the appliqued cat’s head and the neck rest is filled with polyester wadding. Step 1. Print and cut out the template, which you will find below. Draw the template onto the fabric. Include a 1cm seam allowance all the way around each part. NB. Do not include any seam allowance for the applique on the cat’s head. Step 2. Iron vliesofix fabric (or other bonding material) onto the […]
11th April 2017
bunny project decoupage pic

Papier-Mâché Easter Bunny project – Decoupage – Diy project tutorial

Papier-Mâché Easter Bunny project – Decoupage – Diy project tutorial Here’s your chance to create this funky Easter bunny project, using decoupage! Step 1. Prime the brown papier-mâché bunny with white craft paint. This results in the slightly transparent decoupage paper appearing as clearly as possible. Leave to dry. Step 2. Tear or cut small pieces of decoupage paper. Use decoupage glue (or another equivalent) for attaching the decoupage paper onto the bunny. Most decoupage glues when watered down help create a smooth top coat. Leave to dry. Step 3. Draw details on the bunny according to your own imagination using 3D Liners […]
28th March 2017
case made from felt pic

Felt case – Diy project tutorial

Felt case – Diy project tutorial A cute felt case, perfect for glasses or phones. Template below. You can always enlarge or shrink the template to create a smaller case Step 1. Print the template which is below. Use the template and cut it out of thick foam. Step 2. Use a stencil on top of the piece of felt and draw patterns according to your own taste. You could even just freestyle some drawings or sayings on there! Use textile markers and feel free to use different colours. Leave to dry.   Step 3. Double over the piece of felt […]
14th August 2016
clock sample mdf layered kit

New product launch…..Layered Clock Kit

New product launch…..Layered Clock Kit Eeeekkkk so excited to share one of many new exclusive kits that are coming up and this one is now available on the website This kit was inspired by the wonderful Karen Clare who is well known for her beautiful clocks and she certainly made a beautiful clock with this fab new kit! You can fin Karens wonderful tutorial for this clock HERE Karen used all of the layers that come included in the kit (2mm MDF, 3mm Clear Acrylic & x2 2mm Clear Acrylic) and she put them altogether with a clock movement with a 10mm […]
8th April 2016
Cloud house shelf full

A house in the clouds…Tutorial

A house in the clouds…Tutorial   Happy Easter Friday I hope everyone has a fab Easter weekend and don’t eat to much chocolate…..not that I will be following my own advice of course hehe… I wanted to share a recent make with you, It is a house shaped wooden shelf system and it was painted grey with clouds, as a request to match some wallpaper a customer had. I snapped a few photos of the process to share. Instructions:  Take your wooden house shape shelf and paint it the base colour you want. I didn’t primer this (paint with a […]
18th March 2016
mil card 4 main w

Painting the Millennium Falcon! – Dry brushing technique

Happy Friday everyone Before you get to wondering too much, i didn’t need scaffolding for this job!  hehe…. Although I’m sure painting the real Millennium Falcon would be fun, this is a mini Falcon, that is made from air dry paper clay and was for use on my hubby’s Valentines card. I love paper clay, but don’t use it as much as I should! Its so light weight that its perfect for adding things like this to cards and projects, without adding any weight, which means two things, my card doesn’t topple over all the time and it doesn’t add […]
11th March 2016
Exploding box cake card bike ang top

Exploding Box Birthday card tutorial

     Morning everyone, how are you all? This was a recent customers order. My brief was bright, colourful, very special, she likes bike rides on the Tarka Trail, knitting and line dancing. What do you think? I snapped some photos as I was making it, so that I could share the process with you all, so if you wanted to make your own you could give it a go Making the card: The first thing I did was get all my materials together (ingredients list at the bottom). I then cut out all of my shapes and layers. I […]
8th March 2016
mum card orange butterfly front

Mothers day makes! – Incld. Card tutorial

   I want to share the mothers day bouquets and cards we gave to our mums this year. I have also shared the process in making the cards and Flower stick ‘Mums’ To make some extra special, extra large bouquets for my mum and MIL (and to save spending a fortune on flowers buying pre-made fancy bouquets). I purchased lots of different, various, bunches of flowers and made two large bouquets out of them, here is one of them. Making the Bouquets: The vintage style Butterfly wrap was made by myself and Lilly (our 3 year old) to make it […]