20th January 2017
blood drip stencil sea scene

Playing with stencils – Seaweed

Playing with stencils – Seaweed As mentioned yesterday, I also noticed that the dripping blood stencil could double as great seaweed and make a fab underwater scene, in fact I love the underwater scene created with this stencil I could cut a proper seaweed/sea bed stencil (which I may still do), but its always great to have a stencil that can be used for more than one purpose (and you certainly couldn’t use a proper sea bed one as dripping blood!) I wonder if this stencil could be used for any other scenes or things too? These backgrounds were only […]
19th January 2017
blood drips tinselr red embossing

Playing with stencils – Dripping Blood effect and Woodgrain!

Playing with stencils – Dripping Blood effect and Woodgrain! Good morning all, As mentioned yesterday, I said i would share my stencil experiments today First is wood grain, this is quite a big stencil, I think the effect was OK (although it looks more like a zebra!) but its not quite as i wanted! Added to that the stencil is very flimsy feeling, due to so many large cut out areas. So unfortunately although I will keep this one, the design will go on the ‘bin it’ pile and these won’t be created to sell. The next stencil is meant […]
18th January 2017
cloud mask finish

Playing with Masks – Mountains and skies!

Playing with Masks – Mountains and skies! Its a chilly but bright lunchtime here, how is it in your part of the world?  For quite some time now, its been on my to do list, to make some stencils & Masks (and I mean proper flexi-plastic ones, not the paper/card ones I’ve made in the past, that can’t be used for wet application and can have a short lifespan!) And last night i finally found a tiny bit of time to do so! They need a few alterations to make them perfect (like being a bit longer or deeper bottoms etc) […]
8th April 2016
Cloud house shelf full

A house in the clouds…Tutorial

A house in the clouds…Tutorial   Happy Easter Friday I hope everyone has a fab Easter weekend and don’t eat to much chocolate…..not that I will be following my own advice of course hehe… I wanted to share a recent make with you, It is a house shaped wooden shelf system and it was painted grey with clouds, as a request to match some wallpaper a customer had. I snapped a few photos of the process to share. Instructions:  Take your wooden house shape shelf and paint it the base colour you want. I didn’t primer this (paint with a […]